Bubble Quandary
Fest '98

Wheels of Fury
Fest '99

Fest 2000

Horse Tranquilizers
Fest 2001

Fest 2002

Mrs. Butterworth
Fest 2003

Driver Ed
Fest 2004

Safe Stealing
Fest 2005

Hang in There
Fest 2006

Hard Sell
Fest 2007

Cliff Dinn
Fest 2008

Civil War Soda
Fest 2009

Snail Mail is For Robots
Fest 2010

Fest 2011





About the Festival

The Chicago Short Comedy Video and Film Festival spotlighted the outstanding talents of Chicago's comedy and filmmaking community. It was started in 1998 by producer Marion Sours and comedy filmmaker Willy Laszlo, who had worked together on a live comedy variety show that included short comedy videos from Chicago filmmakers. The films were the hit of the show, and when the show's run ended, the two decided to develop a festival that would bring Chicago-made comedy shorts to the attention of a wider audience.

The festival's premiere in July of 1998 at the Ivanhoe Theater -- with two shows and 20 films -- was a sell-out success, filling more than 750 seats during the evening, an amazing achievement for a first-year film festival. Building on this popularity, the following year's show had three shows and 38 films, and again sold out. And so it continued, with large crowds, substantial media coverage, and most important – deserved attention was showered on the gifted Chicago comedy and filmmaking talents whose work has was screened.

In 2005, Willy moved to Los Angeles, where he now works in TV and film, and taking over as Festival Coordinators were M.T. Cozzola and James Gustin. James is a local filmmaker who owns a production house called Fig Media, Inc., and M.T. is a local writer and performer. The two began creating films together for the sketch comedy group Paper Monkeys, and later developed more films on their own, some of which were screened in the festival.

In 2005, an important new feature was added to the festival – a live jury. Made up of Chicagoans prominent in the comedy and filmmaking communities and the media, the jury members rated the films, and an award was given to the winning film. (See Best of Festival page.)