Judging of the Entries

To be considered for the Chicago Comedy TV Pilot Competition, an entry had to be a Chicago product – that is, the filmmaker who owned the copyright must have been a Chicago area resident at the time the pilot was made. Or alternatively, the pilot must have been created by a Chicago-area-based production company that owned the copyright.  Pilots were required to be comedy, scripted, and based on original ideas.  Also, they had to feature a situation and characters that could continue beyond the pilot – i.e., they had to be a sitcom, rather than a sketch comedy format.

The jury consisted of people in the television industry in Hollywood – from leading studios and talent agencies (see the About the Competition page). It was not a live jury, but rather, the pilots were sent to the jury members on DVD for their judging.  The winning pilot received a cash prize from a Chicago sponsoring company. 

The winners of the competition were:

TV Pilot Prize Winner 2016:


You're So Talented by Our Names Are Sam.

Past Award Winners:  

TV Pilot Prize Winner 2015:


Young Couple by Brianna Baker, Brandon Ogborn and Mike Malarkey


TV Pilot Prize Winner 2014:


Delivery Dudes, by Joe Avella


TV Pilot Prize Winner 2013:


Merkin Penal, by Mitch Rouse and David Pasquesi


TV Pilot Prize Winner 2012:


Funemployed, by Michael Lippert


TV Pilot Prize Winner 2011:


Single Long, by Jack Mayer and Sarra Jahedi


TV Pilot Prize Winner 2010:


Vista Del Monte, by Adrian DiGiovanni


TV Pilot Prize Winner 2009:


Lowering the Bar, by Kenneth Yoder


TV Pilot Prize Winner 2008:


4 and a Half Terrorists, by Olive Films


TV Pilot Prize Winner 2007:


Cop Show, by David Pasquesi and Tracy Letts