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      The Chicago Comedy TV Pilot Competition 2015  
      A unique event that showcases comedy TV pilots made by Chicagoans!  

The Chicago Comedy TV Pilot Competition, now in its ninth year, was one of the first TV pilot competitions in the country. Unique in that entries are restricted to Chicagoans, its mission is to showcase sitcoms based on original ideas by Chicago filmmakers. The jury includes TV executives from CBS, Fox and Comedy Central and also representatives of some of Hollywood’s top talent agencies. A $500 cash prize will be awarded to the jury’s top-rated pilot by the Chicago post-production and production house Optimus. The name of the winning pilot will be announced on this site in mid-July.

The 2015 Finalists Are:

Prisoner Joey (Joey Romaine) hears unwelcome news from his “friend”.

Greetings! From Prison, by Tommy Beardmore, 20 min.

Seeing their visitors, you can understand how the prisoners got where they are! If only they could escape! (from their friends and relatives) The continuing saga of a captive audience under siege on visitors’ day.

Created by: Tommy Beardmore
Written by: David Himmel, Tommy Beardmore, Chris Pagnozzi
Directed by: Matthew Byori Mann
Produced by: Tommy Beardmore, Chris Pagnozzi, Brendan Wilson, Sonia Mei Ling Wilson
Director of Photography: Chris Gerhart

An exercise program for exercise-challenged people, with a hyper host (Lisa Hunter), center.

Public Access, by Kevin Hanna, 20 min.

The ultimate in tasteless programming! It’s a toss-up as to which show is worse, but newly hired station manager Peggy has grandiose plans for improvement, unaware that she must first battle the City Council. Who will win?

Written and Directed by: Kevin Hanna
Produced by: Ioannis John Xydis
Directors of Photography: Nicholas Puetz and Terry Jun

Pete (Paul Traynor) is down for the count after an encounter with the locksmith (Norm Boucher) who just changed the locks on his house.


Turner, by Sean Bradley and Paul Traynor, 22 min.

Cultural privilege can blind you to reality. So can alcoholism. Pete Turner can’t see shit! The story of a wealthy, successful man who’s gradually losing everything, but still finds the laughs!

Directed by: Sean Bradley
Written by: Paul Traynor
Director of Photography: Kevin Viol

At breakfast, Amber (Annie Brennen), is cheered up by her father (Robert Kaercher).


Word, by Christopher Romero and Tom Mason, 22 min.

How do you spell “blunder”? In 1998, Amber, a national spelling bee champion, begins her first year in high school, quickly finding that word skills aren’t the same as social skills. If only she could stop making enemies!

Executive Produced by: Christopher Romero and Tom Mason
Produced by: Georgia Bernstein
Directed by: Alex Heller
Director of Photography: Jared Bohlken

A recipe for indigestion: Nic (Brianna Baker) and her husband Chris (Brandon Ogborn), right, share their dinner with Nic’s former husband Mike (Mike Malarkey).


Young Couple, by Brianna Baker, Brandon Ogborn, and Mike Malarkey, 27 min.

Three’s company? Newly married Nic and Chris are happily settling into their life together, but find that Nic’s ex-husband Mike is a continuing presence. Is this cause for concern, or not a problem? Only time will tell…

Created and Written by: Brianna Baker, Brandon Ogborn, and Mike Malarkey
Directed by: Mike Malarkey
Produced by: Mike Malarkey, Brianna Baker, Brandon Ogborn and Steve Sullivan
Director of Photography: John Klein