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      The Chicago Comedy TV Pilot Competition 2016  
      A unique event that showcases comedy TV pilots made by Chicagoans!  

The Chicago Comedy TV Pilot Competition, now in its tenth year, was one of the first TV pilot competitions in the country. Unique in that entries are restricted to Chicagoans, its mission is to showcase sitcoms based on original ideas by Chicago filmmakers. The jury includes TV executives from Comedy Central, Fox, and Universal Television, and also representatives of some of Hollywood’s top talent agencies. A $500 cash prize will be awarded to the jury’s top-rated pilot by Cinespace Chicago Film Studios.


The 2016 Finalists Are:

How to deal with the latest fiasco at Windy City Teeth? From left, Dr. Kleinman (Dave Urlakis) and his assistants Maritza (Yadira Correa) and Sam (Marz Timms).

Dentally Challenged, by Dave Urlakis, 21 min.

Did you hear the one about the dentist who pulled the wrong tooth? Dr. Kleinman, DDS, is recently divorced, befuddled, and in the beginning stages of a drinking problem. His hygienists and receptionist try to provide support, but they all have issues of their own!

Written and Directed by: Dave Urlakis
Directors of Photography: Alex Sherman and Ben Sherman
Editor: Ryan DiGiorgi

Rob (Gabriel Ruiz) tries frantically to defuse the beginning of a verbal catfight between his girlfriend Bea (Sam Bailey), right, and poetry aficionada Renee (Alexandra Main).

You’re So Talented, by Our Names Are Sam, 20 min.

Did you ever have to make up your mind? That’s the dilemma facing young Chicago actress Beatrice Freeman every day, and the problem is it’s just so hard to decide! What part to take in a play, what boyfriend to choose, what to name her latest painting. The only constant in her life is that the girl’s got talent…

Written by: Sam Bailey
Executive Produced by Sam Bailey and Sam Lee
Director of Photography: Mateo Gonzales

Bernie (Gary Murphy) writes on the mirror his goals for the day.


Variety Pack, by Cognitive Break, 22 min.

Welcome to the psychedelic world of middle-aged, failed writer Bernie Weintraub – a world populated by his deranged therapist, his terrible friends and terrifying lovers. In a typical day Bernie confronts some of his demons, runs screaming from others, and sets off to find love, artistic fulfillment and financial stability.

Written and Directed by: Roger Jelly and Melané
Produced and Photographed by: Dan Kolen

Will (Will Russo) is Mr. Sugar Cube in a filmed charity boxing match – the filmmakers’ most recent debacle.

Win the Internet, by PlanetTown Films, 24 min.

The ongoing adventures of five young filmmakers who exploit Internet culture in a shameless attempt to become famous. The guys are narcissistic and ignorant, but then so is the social media they worship! Will they end up in jail? So what…as long as they can get the views!

Directed by: Derek Cox
Written by: Nick Delehanty, Nathan Hulne, Trevor Martin, Will Russo, Jim Smylie
Produced by: PlanetTown Films