2016 First Place Winner:

You’re So Talented
Our Names Are Sam
20 minutes

Pilot summary:
Did you ever have to make up your mind? That’s the dilemma facing young Chicago actress Beatrice Freeman every day, and the problem is it’s just so hard to decide! What part to take in a play, what boyfriend to choose, what to name her latest painting. The only constant in her life is that the girl’s got talent…

Written by: Sam Bailey
Executive Produced by Sam Bailey and Sam Lee
Director of Photography: Mateo Gonzales

Beatrice Freeman…Sam Bailey
Devin…Ashleigh LaThrop
Jesse…Gabriel Franken
Rob…Gabriel Ruiz
Omar…Behzad Dabu
Lisa…LaNisa Renee Frederick
Shawn…Dakota Loesch
Renee…Alexandra Main
Shea…Jaren Merrell


Rob (Gabriel Ruiz) tries frantically to defuse the beginning of a verbal catfight between his girlfriend Bea (Sam Bailey), right, and poetry aficionada Renee (Alexandra Main).